Stan Gale, Ski & Snow Sports Expert


Stan Gale


Stan Gale, Ski & Snow Sports Expert


Stan Gale

I have successfully pursued many ski and snowmobile injury cases over the years. Whenever I am contacted by a prospective client, one of the first things I do is contact Stan Gale at Rocky Mountain Ski Consulting to request a scene visit, injury reconstruction, and consult regarding liability evaluation.
— Mark E. Biddison Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, LLC


Stan Gale is a ski and snow sports expert. He is an active winter sports enthusiast and snow sports safety consultant. He is based out of Colorado, but travels throughout North America and internationally.

He provides objective expert witness, consultation, and liability analysis for snow sports. He has provided expert services for over 10 years in 31 states and also in Australia, Canada, and Europe. 

Stan provides non-partisan expert services for both plaintiffs and defendants. 


Areas of Expertise

Experience evaluating winter sports sites including but not limited to:

  • Ski trails safety issues

  • Guest safety and ski area safety management and standards of care

  • Ski trail collisions with obstacles and man-made features

  • Ski terrain analysis

  • Ski racing

  • Ski area boundary markings

  • Skier responsibility code issues and interpretation

  • Standards of medical care within ski areas including triage, transport, and evacuation

  • Standards and procedures of ski patrol performance

  • Ski accident investigation and analysis including terrain parks

  • Ski accident scene survey and site analysis including freestyle terrain parks

  • Avalanche mitigation issues

  • Accidents and collisions involving skiers, snowboarders, snowmobiles, guests, snow cats, and ski area employees

  • Snowmobile, snow tubing and sledding investigations and analysis

  • Ski instruction and supervision issues

  • Snow sports safety and accident reconstruction


About Stan


Stan has 50 years of on-snow ski safety training and experience. He is a veteran ski patroller of almost 40 years.

He has been a ski and snow safety expert witness for over 10 years and has experience with:

  • Plaintiffs and Defendants

  • Litigation Support

  • Depositions

  • Court Testimony

  • Accident Reconstruction

Past Clients

Stan has worked with:

  • Individuals

  • Attorneys

  • Insurance Companies

On-Snow Expertise

Stan spends 70-100+ days on-snow per year.

He routinely travels to ski resorts, tubing hills, sledding hills and snowmobile locations.

As a result, he is well versed in the latest custom and practices for safety and mitigation of risk. He also is aware of the practical applications and day to day experiences of skiers and sledders.