Dear Stanley, your in-depth knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, input and testimony in bringing the negligent parties to justice was invaluable in reaching the monumental verdict that the jury rendered yesterday.

I would like to add that your very conscientious billing practice showed both professionalism as well as understanding of the realities of our practices. I thought that was a very classy approach by a good man that I had the privilege to work with.
— Souren A. Israelyan, Esq., LAW OFFICE OF SOUREN A. ISRAELYAN

To beat the best – you need the best. That is why I retain Stan Gale on any general liability cases involving snow based sports. His experience and knowledge in this very highly specialized field is second to none. What really impressed me was the great rapport that Stan quickly achieved with the guides and instructors on the hill. You could tell they were initially a little suspicious of this outsider sent to evaluate their operation. However, those doubts melted away very quickly as they realized in just a few minutes that Stan’s knowledge and experience in snow related sport activities was extensive and he “spoke their language.” The first thing I do when a case involving skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles crosses my desk is to get Stan on the line.
— Steven Abbott, Lewis Brisbois

I have successfully pursued many ski and snowmobile injury cases over the years. Whenever I am contacted by a prospective client, one of the first things I do is contact Stan Gale at Rocky Mountain Ski Consulting to request a scene visit, injury reconstruction, and consult regarding liability evaluation.

Stan’s detailed reconstruction, consultation, and expert testimony have lead to many sizable recoveries for injured clients, including recoveries that we may not have achieved but for Stan’s expertise and ability to demonstrate liability by way of the detailed, graphic reports and demonstrative exhibits that he creates.

Stan’s expertise is widely recognized in the area of ski injury litigation. I highly recommend Stan’s services in the evaluation, preparation, and litigation of ski and snowmobile injury cases.
— Mark E. Biddison Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, LLC

The undersigned represented a young lady involved in a serious ski accident case in the State of Wisconsin which involved difficult liability issues.

Defenses asserted included a lack of duty, immunity, and contributory negligence. After completing a factual and legal investigation and presenting the same to the liability insurer for the responsible party, I was advised that it was a case of “no liability” and was offered zero.

Thereafter, the writer began a search for liability experts and discovered Stan Gale, who impressed me from the very start.

Stan has qualifications in a number of different fields including but not limited to ski instruction, ski patrol responsibilities, and general duties on ski slopes.

Stan’s qualifications as well as his hard work in investigating and arriving at favorable conclusions in my case assisted in allowing the writer to obtain a settlement for my client of just under $1 million. In addition, it should be noted that Stan’s fees on the case were reasonable.
— Attorney James C. Herrick Rated AV Preeminent Herrick Law Office